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Every breath you take | Every touch you make.

Simply Defining Health

The latest invention and most advanced air & surface disinfection device in the world.

Eliminates all types of air pollutants that we breathe.

Kills viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds and VOC’s with 99.9% effectiveness.

A technology breakthrough, using a harmless air-cleaning method performed by Mother Nature.

How Does it Work

Wellisair patent technology imitates nature by producing and spreading in the air high concentrations of °OH Radical 24/7 that destroys micro-organisms as small as 0.1μm

What is °OH Radical
(The Air Detergent)

°OH Radical is a highly reactive oxidant that attacks and destroys all types of micro-organisms.

Mother Nature generates this powerful °OH Radical as a form of environment cleansing.

°OH Radical eliminates all types of microbes and air pollutants by either oxidizing their surface membrane or stealing the H atom from their surface spike protein thus forming H2O. No virus or bacteria can survive without its H atom.

Wellisair kills harmful micro-organisms present indoors on surfaces and in the air through the same °OH Radical oxidation process performed by Mother Nature.

°OH Radical is harmless to human, pets and food.

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Health Risk Facts

  • Air pollution is among the top 5 environmental health risks in the world.
  • Infectious diseases are transmitted indoors.
  • Spend 80-90% of our life, indoors.

Common air filters even if called purifiers do not disinfect, they only collect dust and other particles from the air.

Kills viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds and VOC’s

The world’s latest & most advanced air and surfaces disinfection purifier.


  • Tested and certified to kill the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
    that is identical in structure and composition to COVID-19
  • High effectiveness on the air we breathe and surfaces we touch
  • Superior through its harmless nature-like technology of 99.9% dis infectiveness.
  • Spreads high concentrations of °OH radical and disinfects a space of 50 60m2/180m³ within 2-4hrs.
  • Helps prevent or ease asthma, allergies, rhinitis.
  • Removes 99,9% of existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds, odors, air pollutants, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • Maintenance free! No filters or UV lamps to replace. Works with cartridges. Each cartridge operates 24/7 for 3-month.

The world’s most advanced
air and surfaces
disinfection purifier

Made in Korea


  • Compact and smart design.
  • Size of a laptop. 1.9kg with cartridge.
  • Counter or wall mounted.
  • Color led that indicates the level of air contamination inside the room.
  • Cleans quietly, less than 34dB.
  • Touch keypad.
  • Maintenance free.
  • No filters or UV lamps to replace.
Automatic Operation
Automatic Operation

Automatically purifies airborne and surface contaminants.

Night Mode
Night Mode

Minimal noise, quiet functioning Low brightness for comfortable sleep.

Cartridge Alarm
Cartridge Alarm

Alerts you in advance to replace the cartridge.


In case of empty or improper inserting of cartridge.

Do not confuse
Wellisair WADU-02 disinfection device
with other off-the-shelf purifiers.

Filter Devices (HEPA)
Standard air purifiers with HEPA and other filtering technologies do not have the coverage and disinfection efficacy necessary for healthy indoor breathing and living. They draw the air in, filter it to a limited degree and send it back out to be breathed and touched again.

Revolutionized the approach of air purifying from “air filtering” to “air disinfection” by replicating Mother Nature’s own harmless method of disinfecting thru emitting high concentration of °OH Radical.

Supplies & Maintenance
Cost Effective & Easy.

Maintenance free;
No filters to clean or replace.
Cartridges last 3 months operating 24/7.

Insert the cartridge and it will work quietly and economically non-stop for 3 months.

Certificates, Tests & Reports
WADU-02 device is jointly invented by Wellisair & Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and manufactured in Korea. The technology is patented in Korea and China with a registration with the FDA-USA. A series of tests were conducted on a range of viruses, bacteria, allergens and VOC’s in wet and dry conditions. Related reports were issued by official laboratories, hospitals and compliance institutions.

Amongst others, they are leading institutions that have tested Wellisair WADU-02 for various functions related to air & surfaces disinfection effectiveness and operating features & safety.

Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL)
Korea’s leading testing & certification organization approved by the government of Korea. KCL specializes in testing a wide range of fields including Environment, Medical, Construction, etc.

Universitat Politècnica de
Catalunya (UPC)

UPC is the largest engineering university in Spain and consistently ranked as one of the leading European universities in the technology and engineering fields.