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ETHNIK Philosophy

Specialty beans roasted and brewed to your liking.

Coffee characteristics lie in the farms where it is grown and the processes it goes thru afterwards to reach certain bean profiles.
ETHNIK is therefore – “Specialty beans roasted and brewed to your liking”.

ETHNIK Aspiration

As you look into your cup of coffee, consider the history you hold in your hands.
Coffee is imbued with tradition and rituals surrounding its preparation, serving and slurping.
ETHNIK as the name eludes, explores the near and far origins of coffee and revels its ethnicity through an obsessive beans’ selection process at the farms where its grown and delicate roasting settings that are most suitable to each bean profile.
ETHNIK key sources of coffee are Africa, South East Asia and South America.

ETHNIK Selection

While there is no personal taste better than another, we have created 3 coffee options that aim at catching a wide spectrum of palates.


– 100% Arabica, Brazil, Single Origin, Natural Process
– Medium to Dark Roast
– Berry, Spicy, Chocolate
– Great for your all-day espresso and milky coffee


– 100% Arabica, Single Origin, Natural Process
– Medium+ Roast
– Vanilla, Citrusy, Chocolate
– A perfect espresso, and a milky coffee with a twist.


– Uganda, Single Origin, Natural Process
– Medium Roast
– Berry, Spicy, Chocolate
All available in beans and ground in 1kg bags.

“Whenever I am asked: What does ETHNIK coffee taste like? I shrug and reply:
I don’t know! From the day I got intimate with coffee, I realized that this is one-
complex palate, not two persons can agree on. The subtle characteristics of
coffee make it impossible to establish a well-defined “code of liking” between
one coffee and another.
I realized if I were to be successful with coffee, I can recommend but I cannot
impose my personal taste onto others. So, what does ETHNIK taste like? I still
don’t know, but I can say it taste as you want it to.
I consequently decided to customize the final cup of coffee to the taste and
aroma that you desire.”
– Alan Massouh